Is KDE4 usable on FreeBSD?

(-K JohnNy johnny64 at
Sun Nov 2 08:43:20 PST 2008

> the question should be "Is KDE usable at all on any OS?"
> the answer is no, it's crappy imitation of windoze.
> If someone needs windoze like soft, just buy windows vista.
> For someone who need unix, FreeBSD is a good choice.
I have to quote some random shoutbox I§vre read a long time ago:
"Narrow-minded is the only opinion worth expressing."

You have to realize that this is the question of every user's
individual needs. Some users, like for example yourself, like going
deep, using the shell for tasks from everyday life, some users are
more GUI-oriented and like somewhat more graphic approach to the same

Saying that some software is crap just because it distantly resembles
some other soft and everybody using the soft you're criticizing should
use the other one instead, is just... Stupid. Even more if you compare
a desktop environment to a whole OS.

So, please, stop forcing your opinions to others and let them choose
for themselves. (-;

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