Is KDE4 usable on FreeBSD?

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Sat Nov 1 11:09:03 PDT 2008

>> and why you need "desktop" (whatever it means) at all?
> You  need desktop for Unix (Linux) to be adopted by simple users.

why you want unix be adopted by simple users? they already have windows - 
perfect for them, and exactly what they deserve

> Also GUI makes life much easier even for advanced users.

exactly wrong. it make my life harder. these "advanced" users you say 
don't like to read manuals and do once simple config taking few minutes.

> Unfortunately open source is pretty much a failure when it comes to GUI and
> desktop. Any kind of GUI, look at ddd for example. Untested development-stage
> software (like kde4) is being released to the public for some reason.

they try to compete with windoze - so they behave the same way! who first 
learned that giving unfinished/buggy/incomplete software to users is a 
good (in marketing point of view) thing?

Microsoft! they learn from it.

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