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On 5/31/08, Mario Lobo <mlobon at> wrote:
> This may sound wierd but let me explain why.
> On last may/26,  I added a Sound Blaster Live to my machine and I wanted to
> activate the midi interface of the emu10kx driver. I know there were some
> memory and timming problems but I wanted to experiment. So I did a csup to
> 7_CURRENT (which is the tag I always use) then edited emu10kx to coment out
> the #if 0 that excludes the midi code. I took the oportunity to coment the
> drivers I did not need to make the kernel smaller. Recompiled and loaded
> emu10kx from loader.conf.  the Kernel crashed right after the acpi_hpet
> driver load.  But by loading emu10kx later, there was no crash and SB board
> worked fine.
> A hunch told me to save kernel.old so I moved it to kernel.good which is:
> FreeBSD lobo 7.0-STABLE FreeBSD 7.0-STABLE #1: Thu May 22 18:32:28 BRT 2008
> root at lobo:/usr/src/sys/i386/compile/LOBO  i386
> After that I went on to make some DVD backups with k3b which ALWAYS worked
> fine and now, after this upgrade, k3b keeps crashing without finishing.
> Software and device buffers usage behaved erratically, and even if it doesn't
> crash, it stops in around 30% with a write error. I lost a few DVDs, since I
> suspected the DVD+RW may have had something to do with the problem. I
> recompiled k3b (and the other ports around it) but results were the same.
> Anyway, after several unsuccessful attempts to correct the problem by
> removing/re-adding kernel drivers, recompiles and even removing the SB board,
> I decided to move /boot/kernel to, and copied kernel.good to
> kernel and voilá ! Everything went back to normal and worked fine!
> What I want to do is to make a copy of my current /src/sys, revert it back to
> what it was in may/22 (kernel.good) and compare it with the current /src/sys
> to see what changed that provoked this behavior. I suspect of ata and memory
> handling changes but it's just a guess. I'd have to have both sources to
> compare.
> So my question is: How can I get my /src/sys back to what it was in may/22?
> can this be done?

You could use the 'date=' option in your stable-supfile:
*default release=cvs tag=RELENG_7 date=20080522000000

man 1 csup for more details

Hope this helps


> sorry for the long post and thanks
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