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Fri May 30 16:00:30 UTC 2008

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> * Patrick Baldwin <Patrick.Baldwin at> [2008-05-29
> 13:35:27-0400]:
> > I'm interested in both suggestions for hardware and mail servers
> > that would make for the best FreeBSD based mail server.
> A third vote for Postfix + Dovecot here.

Using Postfix and Cyrus-IMAP here, both on small Soekris-based
SOHO-Routers with a few users (5 to 20 per office), as well as
on a few big corporate networks with approx. 6000+ users each,
and many virtual domains.

Postfix has proved both dead-easy to configure and able to
withstand many waves of serious DDoS attacks by rate-limiting
itself. Its anti-spam features, if used right, are also quite
effective. I've used sendmail extensively in the past, and that
was not bad either, though a little tough to configure for edge


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