Stumped:: web HTML. Caution, may be OT.

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>> 	you probably didn't start with the earlier markup.  back then,
>> 	'93-4, there was <BR>,<P>, <B>, and <EM>.   i wrote a 2.2K-line 
>> 	program to handle "hi" -> ``hi'' and a couple other things.
>> 	the code has evolved, of course, but still works.
> Not the case.  I use vi myself and I eschew background gifs and
> such.  Web pages that I create are black text on a white back
> ground interspersed with images when needed.  Period.  No CSS no frames, no
> nothing.  If the content I put up isn't worth reading
> then no amount of formatting, font specification, animated
> images, and so forth is going to get people to look at it,
> is my feeling.

I nearly spit coffee on my keyboard! I agree with you 100%. When we all 
did HTML with BBedit and Textpad, people like Black, Tog, and Nielsen 
kept everyone designing websites to best serve the content. Now it is 
all about the sizzle, but there is rarely a steak.


In 50 years, our descendants will look back on the early years
of the internet, and much like we now look back on men with
rockets on their back and feathers glued to their arms, marvel
that we had the intelligence to wipe the drool from our chins.

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