External USB disk won't mount

Mark Ovens parish at magichamster.com
Thu May 29 20:49:09 UTC 2008

Bob McConnell wrote:
> From: Mark Ovens
>> If anyone can tell me how to debug this to try to get to the cause so
> a 
>> fix can be found then I'm happy to spend the time doing so.
> Unless you are already familiar with the drivers and the bus itself, or
> want to learn more about it than anyone should ever need to know, it is
> not likely to be a productive use of your time.

Hehe, yes, I kind of guessed the answer would be something like that.

Oh well, never mind. I bought it off FleaBay and it did say Windows/Mac 
but I figured something as basic as a ATA->USB bridge should be OS 
agnostic - to be fair it is, as it sees the disk and creates devices for 
it, it's just that the USB interface is not standards-compliant.

I fired up the Mandriva Linux Live CD and tried it. Linux found the 
disk, created devices for it - then did a USB reset and the devices 

Might have a word at work and see if they'll swap it with the one I 
borrowed that does work.

Thanks for your help guys.



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