External USB disk won't mount

Chuck Robey chuckr at telenix.org
Wed May 28 22:16:27 UTC 2008

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Mark Ovens wrote:
> Chuck Robey wrote:
>> I saw a mail yesterday about something nearly like this, from nej,
>> except with
>> him, the umass device wasn't reporting anything at all, no device when he
>> plugged it in.  I sent him a little piece of usb driver code that
>> resets his usb
>> buss, just to experiment and see if that got his devices correctly
>> detected, but
>> he didn't yet reply, I don't know if it worked for him.  I don't have
>> something
>> like that to experiment with.
>> With yours, you obviously have a da2 ... that only means you have a
>> direct-access disk devide #2 being detected.  The next step is to
>> figure oout
>> what kind of formatting you have.  Hopefully, it's been fdisk'ed to
>> where it has
>> partitions, so do this (as root): "/sbin/fdisk /dev/da2", and in
>> fdisk, give the
>> 'p' command, this will print out the formatting for any partitions. 
>> Likely it's
>> either one of the various Microsoft things, or a Linux one, or even a
>> FreeBSD
>> one.  Depending on what you see, you either directly give a mount
>> command next,
>> to the right partition, or maybe you use bsdlable to find out what the
>> disk-labelling is (if it's a FreeBSD disk).
> Hi Chuck,
> The next line in my post after where you snipped was:
> (The disk is from another FreeBSD system so is UFS2 and da2s1f is /usr
> on the other system)

Yeah, I don't even have a good excuse, that was extremely ill done of me.  I
guess I was trying to do something quickly while I was really thinking of other
USB things, and walked into that.  It's NOT the kind of usb that I've been
working on either, I've been heavily into HID stuff, and that's totally
different than a disk thing.  If it's a device driver level problem, and  it
sure seems that way to me, I can't honestly offer you much, even if I had it
here, I would approach it slowly.  I think I will drop out of this one, Mark,
and contemplate my navel a bit.

I'm a bit embarrassed about that, could you tell?

> It contains a running FBSD 7.0 system - it's out of a spare box I was
> using for testing and it mounts/reads/writes fine using the other USB
> enclosure I borrowed. There's just something screwy about the enclosure
> I've bought (typical eh?)
> Regards,
> Mark
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