Question about installing boot manager in sysinstall

Mike Clarke jmc-freebsd at
Mon May 26 16:21:01 UTC 2008

On Monday 26 May 2008, Mark Ovens wrote:

> I've got two SCSI drives, da0 and da1. FreeBSD 6.3-STABLE is
> installed on da0 and da1 currently has Mandriva Linux on it. The boot
> manager being used is Grub.
> I now want to replace Linux with FreeBSD 7 but I'm expecting that I
> may end up with an unbootable system because da0 (6.3) will still
> have Grub but da1 (7) will have the FreeBSD boot manager. Since Grub
> uses files in /boot on the Linux partition it won't work as these
> will have been wiped out.


> So, what's the best (i.e. safest) way to proceed?
> Oh, and before anyone says, yes, I *have* backed up all my data ;-)

Well if you're already familiar and happy with grub installed on your 
linux system why not install grub from ports and continue to use it. 
Install it into 6.3 before you replace linux with 7.0 and add extra 
commands to menu.lst ready to boot 7.0 from da1. Then when you install 
7.0 just tell sysinstall not to install a boot manager.

Mike Clarke

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