Stick memory USB

Mark Ovens parish at
Mon May 26 11:21:12 UTC 2008

Sergey Zaharchenko wrote:
> Hello Mark!
> I had a similar problem with my card reader. AFAIU the problem with
> those is that they don't report media change events; the system gets to
> know what's there only when it tries to access it, one way or the other.
> This might be of help both to you and to the OP:
> It's not beautiful, but it works.

Hi Sergey, yes that is it, thanks.

If I connect the reader to the USB hub first then put the card in, it 
only creates the top level devices, but it I put the card in the reader, 
_then_ connect the reader then all the devices are created.

I guess that to make this work with my phone I would have to connect the 
phone when it is switched off, then switch it on - but it is quicker to 
make two mount attempts ;-)

At least I know what is happening now, and that it's not something 
broken with my system.



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