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> Subject: non-RAID SATA
> I am looking for a cost-effective way to add a SATA drive to an
> existing 7.0 system whose on-board controller is PATA, and am not
> getting very far at all in identifying an inexpensive controller
> which would be expected to work well.  (I'd prefer PCI, since the
> USB in this box is probably 1.0 and not capable of sustaining
> desirable data rates.)

SATA is faster than PCI.  Most people would replace the motherboard
or use a USB 2.0 card which has a far faster transfer speed than
PCI does as a transition, with the expectation that sooner or
later they are going to replace the system.

> All mentions of SATA in the hardware guide and FAQ seem to be of
> RAID controllers, or else too generic to guide a choice of add-in
> cards.
> Does anyone have any experience with this that they would be
> inclined to share?

In automotive terms your adding a free-flow exhaust to a restricted
engine - in the trade we call them adding a "fart can" because
they do nothing to help the car go faster since there's restrictions
further up the chain.

Go buy an inexpensive USB 2.0 external disk case, then buy your
SATA disk and stick it inside of that, with the idea that eventually
your going to get a faster machine you might be able to use the disk in.


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