CPU@home - does free distributed computing exist?

Kelly Jones kelly.terry.jones at gmail.com
Sat May 24 20:22:45 UTC 2008

There are several projects (like SETI at home, Einstein at home,
folding at home, etc) that let you donate spare CPU power to a specific

Is there a project that lets you donate spare CPU power to anyone who
needs it? That is, a pool of CPU power that anyone can tap into for
free to run computations that would otherwise take forever?

I realize it's dangerous to let people run random commands on your
system, so this would be limited to pure mathematical functions or
something like that (no disk/network access), w/ donator-specified
limits on memory/etc.

I also realize calling functions over the network is 2 orders of
magnitude slower than calling them in memory, so this would only be
useful if you could distribute a large number of CPU-intensive
parallel function calls.

We're just a Bunch Of Regular Guys, a collective group that's trying
to understand and assimilate technology. We feel that resistance to
new ideas and technology is unwise and ultimately futile.

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