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Derek Ragona derek at
Fri May 23 14:48:17 UTC 2008

At 09:07 AM 5/23/2008, Steve Bertrand wrote:
>Derek Ragona wrote:
>>At 09:10 PM 5/22/2008, Ruel Luchavez wrote:
>>>Hi ALL,
>>>Is it possible in BIND DNS to block images in a certain sites? like for
>>>example the popular friends site ( friendster),
>>>i want to block most images in that site so that client will be irritated
>>>that their images don't load perfectly. but s till
>>>they can visit their site?
>>>Any idea guys?
>>define in your hosts any host or URL you want to block as the localhost, 
>>You can google for whole host files to use to block a bunch of different 
>>annoying sites.
>I assumed by the OP's original message that this was a workplace-type 
>environment, and figured that he wouldn't want to hand-manage this type of 
>Also, pardon my ignorance, but if you were to DNS redirect a domain name 
>to a specific IP with BIND, wouldn't you have to create a DNS zone for 
>each domain name?

no, you usually have /etc/nsswitch.conf set to check files before dns, so 
hosts is checked first.


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