Instant reboot with FreeBSD 6.3 and > 2GB RAM

votdev at votdev at
Wed May 21 08:28:38 UTC 2008


some users of FreeNAS which is based on FreeBSD 6.3 reported instant reboots on systems with > 2GB RAM (most of them use 4GB). The reboot occurs right after displaying the FreeBSD loader menu. Most of them told me that they can boot if they reduce RAM to <= 2GB.

We are using the following kernel configuration which is based on GENERIC:

I found out another problem that causes a reboot on my 2GB machine. We are using a image for the LiveCD which is 64MB great. If i change back mfs_root size to 63MB all works well, but all above 64MB causes a reboot.
Is there any limitation?

Could someone help me out of this problem?

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