Server crashing, no explanations

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Tue May 20 17:16:07 UTC 2008

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> Then, if crash dumps are enabled, it could be a HW failure..
> Once I had a server crashing with no dumps, and I found out
> it was I power supply problem.
> Best regards.
> Robi

Same here: my aging Dell with ECC Rambus (yes, Rambus) memory was
rebooting without producing a panic and thus without a chance for a
crash-dump, because one memory bank on the system was failing. 

However, the BIOS on the system was nice enough to tell me about the
memory errors and even tell me which module it thought it was. 

That may be something you should check on your system (meaning: BIOS
error log - if you happen to have one of those). 

Cheers - Tobias

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