Lock down the all-staff email list? sendmail, alias, majordomo?

brad davison demonichandextensions at hotmail.com
Mon May 19 15:23:30 UTC 2008

Our company has a sendmail server 8.13.8 running on FBSD 6.2 with procmail.  We currently have an alias set up for our all-staff email (we only have about 200 users).  Someone recently sent out an email to the all-staff that someone didn't like, so now I have to restrict who can send to it.

I have disabled the alias, since I didn't know if there was a way to restrict who can send to aliases, but is there a good way to have a list of users that either a) doesn't give the list name in the email, or B) a list program like majordomo or something that I can keep people from using who isn't 'the boss'?

What is the best way to have a list that only certain users are able to send to?
I am open to suggestions that will get me out of this situation. 


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