Slightly OT - steaming data server software?

John Pettitt jpp at
Sun May 18 22:32:27 UTC 2008

Slightly OT but since I'm going to run this on FreeBSD 7 I figured I'd 
ask here ..

I have an application where data arrives in what is effectively 
continuous stream (actually NMEA messages from an AIS receiver) and I'd 
like to have a server where an arbitrary number of clients can connect 
to a tcp port and receive a copy of the stream.    I could probably 
write this in perl without too much work but somebody has to have done 
something similar already - does anybody know of code that does this? 
(and yes I know sending the messages as individual udp packets would be 
easier - I'm already doing that internally but it doesn't work for 
opening up the data stream to the public).

P.S. for those who are interested AIS data contains info about large 
ships at sea - you can see live SF bay data on a map here

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