Stop building all those kernel modules

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Sun May 18 07:50:17 UTC 2008

> I'm trying to use nanobsd to build a small kernel for an embedded system on 
> FreeBSD 7.
> In previous versions, I could modify GENERIC by just commenting out all the 
> devices and options that I wasn't interested in, and buildkernel 
> KERNCONF=myconf would happily ignore all the things I wasn't interested in.
> This no longer works.  Now everything gets built, even things that are 
> broken/incompatible with other options I've chosen.
> I've tried setting NO_MODULES=YES, but the modules were still built.
> I see documentation for WITHOUT_MODULES, but it wants me to list every module 
> I don't want to build?  Come on!  There must be a better way...
> _______________________________________________

in kernel config put

makeoptions        MODULES_OVERRIDE=""


makeoptions NO_MODULES=yes

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