force file permission

Mister Olli mister.olli at
Thu May 15 21:07:08 UTC 2008

hi list...

I have to administrate a fileserver based on freebsd-7 where users have
access to via SMB and SSH.

my permission setup is configured, so that a user needs to be in a
special group to have access to certain files. for that all file must
have permissions set to 660 and directories to 770.

The samba part is not a problem, there quite a few options to solve this
problem, and it works great.

but not the access via SSH/SCP. Is there any way to accomplish this? the
solution needs to cover the following:
- files created on the fileserver itself (during SSH session) need to
have the permissions
- files copied to the fileserver via SCP/SFTP need to have the

the old fileserver was linux-based and used some scripts that were
triggerd by cron/ dnotify, but the solution became unhandy with growing
amount of files.



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