Does FBSD 7 support 802.11N cards? G suggestions?

Walter walterk1 at
Thu May 15 16:39:12 UTC 2008

Gerard wrote:

>I have done something similar to that myself. Go to the linksys site
>and download the latest available driver for your card. Then visit:
>and follow the directions there.

I found the direction at 11.8.1 helpful, and was able to use /ndisgen/
and /kldload/ to bring up the card. (Yea!)

Now I need to configure it - I'm printing out 29.3 now.  But I can't
get the interface to be brought up at boot, a la:


You can configure the system to load the NDIS modules at boot time in 
the same way as with any other module. First, copy the generated module, 
W32DRIVER.ko, to the /boot/modules directory. Then, add the following 
line to /boot/loader.conf:



but I can bring it up manually from the modules directory.

Can anyone tell me what's wrong?


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