Does FBSD 7 support 802.11N cards? G suggestions?

Roland Smith rsmith at
Wed May 14 18:18:31 UTC 2008

On Wed, May 14, 2008 at 12:23:44PM -0500, Walter wrote:
> I'm trying to get a Broadcom-based wireless-N card running
> under FBSD 7.  I was told elsewhere that the BSD's do not
> generally yet have drivers yet for the N technology but that
> a "mwl" driver is under development in "current."  I don't
> know where to find that.  ??

See Chapter 20 of the FreeBSD handbook, especially §20.2.
> If "N" isn't supported, is there any problem anyone knows about
> with the LevelOne WNC0301 or with LinkSys WMP54G cards?
> CircuitCity has the LevelOne for $25 and the WMP54G for $39.
> Can someone advise me?

The problem is that a lot of wireless manufacturers have the habit of
changing wireless chipsets without changing model numbers. So a revision
X might work while revision Y won't.

Try and look at the card. Sometimes the chipset is visible and you can
look for it in the manual pages. But often it is enclosed in a metal cover.

In my experience, asking shop clerks which chipset a card uses only
produces puzzled looks.

Second best thing is to download the driver for the revision of the card
that you want to buy. Unpack the driver and read the .inf files. That
will probably yield the chipset type. If not, use strings(1) on the
drivers themselves.

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