RE-upgraded and have a few problems.

Chris Hill chris at
Tue May 13 01:43:28 UTC 2008

On Tue, 13 May 2008, Desmond Chapman wrote:

> I reinstalled and re upgraded FreeBSD 7.0 on my drive. The testing 
> distribution worked better than the stable. Some of my problems may 
> not be directed to the right mailing list for help. Please let me know 
> where I can get the information.

By testing, do you mean -CURRENT? What tag are you using in your 

As for the mailing list, this is a reasonable place to start. If you 
don't get a solution here, maybe try multimedia for the gstreamer 
problems. There does seem to be a kde-specific mailing list; see, and also 
for the full list of lists. (URL may have wrapped.)

> Sound card is no longer detected.

Maybe since upgrading you are no longer loading whatever kernel module 
it is that the card requires. You can

# kldload sound.ko load all sound modules, for the purpose of finding out which one 
you need. BTW, what make and model sound card is it? Also please post 
the output of the following commands:

$ uname -a
$ dmesg | grep ^pcm
$ pciconf -lv
$ kldstat

> DCOP server for KDE3 does not start. KDE hangs and has to be shut does 
> by a vtty.

These seem like issues with X and/or KDE. Are you able to run some other 
window manager, e.g. twm?

> Gnome-audio gstreamer trouble.

There were some notes recently about gstreamer in /usr/ports/UPDATING; 
look there. If you can be (a lot) more specific about the problem, 
someone here may well be able to help. That is, tell us what you were 
trying to do, what command you issued, what result you expected, and 
what result you got.


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