Nagios Apache and FreeBSD

Jon Radel jon at
Mon May 12 13:42:57 UTC 2008

DSA - JCR wrote:
> Hi to all
> I use FreeBSD 6.2
> I have installed Nagios from ports and configured and also as required by
> Nagios Apache22
> The problem I have is that I cannot access the server by web, in order to
> see the Nagios frontend doing
> http://mynagiosIP/nagios
> doesn't work

Please be more precise.  Does http://mynagiosIP/ work?  When you try
http://mynagiosIP/nagios does the browser time out, or do you get an
error response, if so which one?  Or do you get another web page that
has nothing to do with Nagios?

> I suspect that maybe as I use inetd I must put somewhere in inetd.conf
> something about apache, is true?


> I have
> nagios_enable=YES and apache_enable=YES
> in rc.conf
> also I test and start nagios and apache manually and I don't get any error
> message or misconfiguration.

Did you configure apache at all after you installed it?  If so, what did
you do?

--Jon Radel
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