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GSM-Secure offer products based on the GSM networks offering the
ability to use a mobile phone to receive alerts, calls and also to
control equipment via phone call or txt message. 

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GSM-64 GSM Access Control system- 

This system will react to a phone call from a landline or mobile and
open gates, barriers, doors, shutters, garage doors and road blocks.
There is never a call cost in calling the unit as the call is
disconnected without being answered. Security is in the fact that
someone calling the unit has to know the mobile (cell) number of the
SIM card with it and can also be backed up by Caller ID. The unit has
a memory of 64 numbers and will only respond to a caller it knows the
phone number of who is calling it. 

The unit can open: 

 Access doors 
 Shutter doors 
 Garage doors 
 Ram barriers and road blockers 

and is ideal for use on : 

 Residential properties. 
 Gated communities. 
 Small businesses with gates or access barriers and main entrance
 Large business with road blocks, access doors and main entrances. 

More information & ordering this product can be found at

GSM Intercom system- 

This system enables a household or business to install an Intercom at
their gates that can call mobile or landlines to announce the presence
of a visitor. No more missed visitors waiting at gates only find no
one is home or on the premises. This reduces the risks of a burglary
due to the visitor never knowing if the owner is home or not. They
will assume that the Intercom has been answered that there is someone

When a call is received, the visitor can speak directly to the owner
who then can make a decision whether or not to open the gates, door
or barrier. 

Not only is it an Intercom, is has two other great features too: 

 1000 user Caller ID access control. Working in the same way as the
GSM-64 mentioned earlier, the unit can store up to 1000 numbers. When
a caller phones the unit and the number is recognised, the relay is
triggered. Any unknown callers are disconnected and ignored. 
 2 input alarm or notification system. Connect these inputs to a
sensor or monitoring system and the owner can be notified of events
happening on site such as gates being forced or the property has
unwelcome visitors. Alarms are sent as text or voice to nominated

 More information on this product can be found at 

Other products 

we have include, boat alarms, caravan alarms and house alarms that
use wireless sensors as well as wired inputs for monitoring and the
facility to switch on equipment such as heating, cooling, Jacuzzis
and hot-tubs remotely using a quick call from a mobile phone. Alarms
are reported by text message and then a phone call along with
facilities to listen in to he premises to identify false alarm or an

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