Makefile OPTIONS (was: Re: Apache 2.2.8 + mod_authnz_ldap)

n j nino80 at
Fri May 9 16:31:39 UTC 2008

> If this is a fixed dependency, then it's a bug in the port's Makefile. If it's
>  not set in stone (i.e.: mod_authnz_ldap could also work with
>  mod_fictional_3rdparty_ldap), then applying the logic you suggest, would kill
>  the option to use mod_fictional_3rdparty_ldap.
>  Set in stone would mean, "if there is a port mod_fictional_3rdparty_ldap, or
>  enough people have complained that they cannot use
>  mod_fictional_3rdparty_ldap, even though there's not a port for it".

It seems that the main problem arises from usage of OPTIONS.

If I had specified WITH_LDAP_MODULES (a category), both modules (ldap
and authnz_ldap) would have been included. If I had specified
WITH_LDAP, according to 'make show-options', it would have implied the
option WITH_LDAP_MODULES. However, when modules are selected through
OPTIONS dialog, AUTHNZ_LDAP means just AUTHNZ_LDAP and LDAP means just

Theoretically, this is not an error in port's Makefile, rather
something that gives even more flexibility to the user. However, the
same can't be said for user-friendliness. And to comment on your
message, I see no other LDAP-related options in Apache which would
make this a fixed dependency.


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