[SSHd] Increasing wait time?

Vince Sabio vince at vjs.org
Thu May 8 13:13:36 UTC 2008

** At 07:33 +0200 on 05/08/2008, Peter Boosten wrote:
>Vince Sabio wrote:
>>Note if you choose to do this: scp'ing files becomes a four-step 
>>process (i.e., scp file(s) to intermediate server, log in to 
>>intermediate server, scp to destination server, delete file(s) from 
>>intermediate server). Still worth it, though.
>Never thought of port forwarding?

Sure, but that would still leave my machines vulnerable to script 
kiddies. Since I rarely move files between my laptop and my server, 
the four-step process is not a big deal. If I did it more often, I'd 
probably cron up a script on the intermediate machine to move (and 
delete) the files for me.

Vince Sabio                                                  vince at vjs.org

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