ports missing after a upgrade

Geert Geurts begeert at gmail.com
Wed May 7 11:42:05 UTC 2008

I've first upgrade my system using the method described at
I had some trouble cause i've in first instance downgraded it from 6.2
to 6.0 instead of upgrading it because I didn't change the 'default
release' directive in my cvs-supfile.

So after the downgrade I did a upgrade from 6.0 to 6.3 and everything
was working as it should. I then wanted to install tinyerp webclient and
I needed some newer versions of installed software so I started a
portmanager -u
I was stupid enough to do it in X so it got stuck after some time...
I killed it and started it again using 
portmanager -u -f --resume
it upgrades allot of ports but then eventually stops with not all ports
were upgraded check /var/log/portmanager.log for info.
head -n 30 gives:
portmanager 0.4.1_9
FreeBSD FreeBSD-01.domain 6.3-RELEASE-p1 FreeBSD 6.3-RELEASE-p1 #0: Thu
Apr 10 13:18:08 UTC 2008
    root at FreeBSD-01.domain:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC  i386
autoConflicts              0  autoMoved                  0
backUp                     0  buildDependsAreLeaves      0
forced                     0  interactive                0
log                        1  pmMode                     0
pristine                   0  resume                     1
Tue Apr 29 14:39:54 2008
 xorg-libraries-7.3_1                /x11/xorg-libraries           
xorg-libraries-7.3_2                /x11/xorg-libraries           

      xorg-libraries-7.3_1 /x11/xorg-libraries restoring original port
from backup
      xorg-libraries-7.3_1 /x11/xorg-libraries failed to restore from
Tue Apr 29 14:40:44 2008
 luit-1.0.2_2                        /x11/luit                     
    MISSING dependency of
xterm-234                           /x11/xterm                    

Tue Apr 29 14:40:54 2008
 luit-1.0.2_2                        /x11/luit                     
    failed during make, adding to

Tue Apr 29 14:40:57 2008
 appres-1.0.1                        /x11/appres                   
    MISSING dependency of
xorg-apps-7.3                       /x11/xorg-apps                

Tue Apr 29 14:41:06 2008


the log lists allot of different ports not upgraded all because MISSING
dependency of ...

I hope somebody knows a way to findout what and why this is going wrong.


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