Question about a recent installation

Mario Vazquez mario_vazq at
Tue May 6 20:37:03 UTC 2008

On May 5, 2008, at 6:17 PM, doug wrote:
> To give limited priviledges I think sudo (as in linux??) would be  
> used.
I concur that sudo is really a very good way of managing privileges.   
I don't even know the root passwords on the systems that I administer  
(OK, I do have them stored in a nice secured place if I ever do need  


In fact, I use sudo for managing too.  My question is not about sudo itself, it's about the possible risks (if any) of having a default installation (FreeBSD7-RELEASE) which assigns ownership of the root folder to root:wheel, thus allowing anyone with wheel privileges be able to see (and copy btw) root folder contents.

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