AAC driver. No kernel error messages for failed raid5?

Chris St Denis chris at smartt.com
Tue May 6 19:41:52 UTC 2008

I recently setup a new FreeBSD 7.0 AMD64 server with an IBM ServeRAID-8k 
configured with a raid5 for data and raid1 for OS.

I pulled out one of the raid5 drives to test the functionality and 
noticed that FreeBSD didn't seem to notice the disk failure at all. I 
was expecting kernel messages about it, but got nothing.

This is a bit concerning because I don't look at the server physically 
every day and want to know ASAP if a drive fails.

I tried setting options AAC_DEBUG=1 but that produces a lot of messages 
even during normal use so I'd rather not leave that on.

Is this a bug in the driver, or simply missing functionality?

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