Question about a recent installation

doug doug at
Mon May 5 23:17:22 UTC 2008

On Mon, 5 May 2008, Mario Vazquez wrote:

> I have been using different Linux distributions for some years, and decided to 
> give FreeBSD a try.  The install was successful, but have a question about how 
> the root account is made.  Found that the root folder was created with the 
> user/group privileges root:wheel.  Is not that a kind of security risk?  I 
> know that usually only the account used by the administrator is the one, in 
> addition to root, that belongs to the wheel group.  But also I know that 
> sometimes admins get lazy and give for limited time extra privileges just to 
> allow someone to do something, and that's where the danger can come.  Btw, 
> that's just my opinion.
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To give limited priviledges I think sudo (as in linux??) would be used. 
If that does not provide enough security then kerberos could be used.

In general I don't see how you main concern is unique to FreeBSD.


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