Mystery Hardware Error

David M. Patronis thenudnik at
Mon May 5 09:06:18 UTC 2008

Pollywog wrote:
> On Monday 05 May 2008 03:11:52 Al Plant wrote:
>> Aloha list,
>> I am getting the same error on FreeBSD 7 RELEASE and 8. Current as David
>> is. CD's work fine.
>> Anybody know what this is?
> I have been getting the errors too, whenever I reboot the machine, I find them 
> in the logs.  I don't burn CD's on the machine so I don't know if I could.  I 
> normally do that on another machine that runs Linux.
> _
If you have an ATAPI burner you can easily burn CDs from the command 
line using mkisofs to generate a disc image and then the "burncd" 
utility that comes with even a basic install of FreeBSD. See below for 
the most simple example:

mkisofs -o nameofimage.iso pathtofile
burncd -f /dev/acd0 data pathtofile nameoffile.iso fixate

Of course, that still doesn't answer our question.


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