gdm sessions - xfce + fluxbox

Aijaz Baig aijaz.abaig at
Thu May 1 11:05:54 UTC 2008


I would want to have a choice at login time between xfce (my default desktop
wm) and fluxbox. I have followed the steps from this document :

but i did not have the xsessions directory under /usr/X11R6/share/gnome/.

so i created one and created another file called Fluxbox.desktop inside it.
Then followed the rest of the document as is.  Additionally I copied the
startfluxbox binary to the ~/.Xclients file under the binary for xfce.

What has happened now is that I still dont see no choice under the sessions
menu in gdm morever i get logged on to xfce first.

Now when I log on from xfce I get logged on to fluxbox meaning the fluxbox
desktop may be waiting for the x-resources like the screen, mouse etc to
become available and then when it does become available it starts to run.

Im rather confused. Please help me with this and perhaps give me some
insight as to why it is the wa it is if you can

Hope to hear from you fellas
Best Regards,


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