changed sendmail behavior on FreeBSD 7?

Chris St Denis chris at
Mon Mar 31 13:42:39 PDT 2008

I've setup a new web server hostname When I try 
to send mail to username at it tries to deliver it locally 
instead of to the mx server

In previous versions this seems to work correctly. Why would it be 
trying to deliver locally this time? I'm running default sendmail config 
that comes with the standard install.

Another server I have seems to have this problem even worse. It's a web 
server, and for any of the hundreds of domains hosted on it (www A 
records pointed at it, but MX records pointed elseware) it also tries to 
deliver locally. I was able to get this mostly working by using a 
smarthost to the actual mail server, but I don't understand why it would 
be ignoring the mx records.

I've never had problems like these with previous versions. What has changed?

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