SCSI network

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Sun Mar 30 20:34:21 PDT 2008

In the last episode (Mar 29), Wojciech Puchar said:
> i have few Ultra160 SCSI controllers and two Ultra40, cables and few 
> machines that needs fast interconnect. i could use one gigabit card on each 
> machine+switch, but i already have it!
> can i make external SCSI bus through all machines and use it to transmit IP 
> packets?
> they are all adaptec (ahc driver) controllers - manual says it can be 
> target as well as initiator

I've never seen a SCSI IP implementation, but I guess it's
theoretically possible.  Since SCSI uses a shared bus, though, the best
you could get would be a half-duplex network.  Gigabit NICs and a cheap
unmanaged switch will work much better :)

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