Why there is no pptp-client at installation CD's?

Jay mailru at tut.by
Sat Mar 29 14:11:32 PDT 2008


I, as lots of other users, connect to the Internet via VPN-connection 
with my ISP. For this proposes I use pptp-client, which is not present 
at any of three installation CD's. The problem is, that if I have a new 
PC (or clean HDD) and all FreeBSD installation CD's, I can't get access 
to the Internet to start fully working with the system.

As far I know, pptp-linux is coming with all popular Linux 
distributives, so it's really sad to see, that there is no 230 Kb of 
free space for such useful BSD-Licensed program, and I have to download 
it separately, using another system.

So, please, maybe it's possible to include pptp-linux into the first 
istallation CD?

Anyway, thanks for your work!

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