hplip setup problems

Isaac Mushinsky itz at mushinsky.net
Fri Mar 28 00:59:02 PDT 2008

On Thursday 27 March 2008 10:37:48 you wrote:
> On Thursday 27 March 2008, Isaac Mushinsky wrote:
> > Anish Mistry (the port maintainer) has answered below. It seems
> > that this is a printer defect after all then. I'll try to patch the
> > code to fill in the missing serial id with some fake string, and
> > shall report if I get the thing to work.
> >
> > Is the hp backend the only entry point to libusb, or should I have
> > to patch libusb? e.g. cups or sane apps, can they call libusb
> > directly, or only through hpaio backend? I would rather have a
> > patch to hplip distribution only, because libusb correctly throws
> > an error code for the missing serial id. But if some apps query the
> > device directly, the missing serial id may be a problem, they will
> > all have to all be patched separately.
> See what you can get to work, and then we can decide on what the
> proper fix entails.
> > >  It looks like there is some problem with the C42XX printers that
> > > is causing the serial numbers to no be reported.  I got a similar
> > > report about a HP Photosmart C4200 series a couple weeks ago.
> > > Unfortunately I'm VERY busy right now.  It will be a couple of
> > > week before I can dive into the issue.  If you do happen to find
> > > a solution, please let me know so I can integrate it into the
> > > port and notify others. Thanks,
> > >  --
> > > Anish Mistry
> > > amistry at am-productions.biz
> > > AM Productions http://am-productions.biz/

I tried to load hplip into debugger, but if I try to trace the problem, it 
works! Serial number is read correctly. It also seems to work with a non-SMP 
kernel (at least the race does not show). The printer has the serial number 
after all.

There appears to be some sort of race condition when calling usb_control_msg 
for product id and then serial id strings in rapid succession in musb.c. I am 
not sure how to deal with that yet, but pausing in between the calls is a 
workaround for now. What can be done in between  the calls other than close 
and reopen the device? 

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