Reconditioned Laptop advice

Predrag Punosevac punosevac at
Fri Mar 28 00:08:18 PDT 2008

dhaneshk k wrote:
> People   : I want to bu a laptop , for the time being I can't go for a 
> high end machine like hp8510b or like those
> But I found in internet , about IBM  Thinkpad T40   Reconditioned :
ThinkPads are the highest quality machines. I honestly thing that there 
is nothing on the market which matches their
quality including Apple laptops.  I have ThingPad 390E PII which is 
seven years old and work like Swiss watch.
I bought it on an auction five years ago for $220.
The so called power sellers on Ebay are actually IBM or Lenovo proxy 
sellers. They sell machines which are back from
the business lease without charging customers taxes. ThinkPads love FreeBSD.


> So I want  people's valuable advice on Reconditioned machine ;is it 
> safe to have this machine , I want to use FreeBSD on this machine , 
> what about the reliability of Reconditioned machines ?: your advices 
> may help me to take a good decision on my purchase.
> thanks in advance
> dhanesh
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