Limiting Individual User Upload w/ PF+ALTQ

Joe Ryan joeryan3 at
Thu Mar 27 15:29:37 PDT 2008

I am trying to setup traffic shaping on our network. I was wondering if it
was possible to limit a users download bandwidth and upload bandwidth within
the same state connection. For example, say a user connects to an external
FTP site and does some uploading and downloading. Can I allow him to
download at 1Mb but limit his upload to 500Kb? As I understand the packet
filtering of PF, the first packet creates a state and the rest are then
ignored by the filtering software. If this is true, the users first packet
will be inbound on the internal interface which will be queued for download
speed. This makes sense to me when you want to queue the entire connection
but how do I then do a separate queue on the traffic coming back?

I am using 7.0 STABLE.

Thanks in advance,


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