Suppressing "Limiting icmp unreach response" log messages

Brian A. Seklecki bseklecki at
Thu Mar 27 08:17:03 PDT 2008

Install syslog-ng 2.x from ports.

source src { unix-dgram("/var/run/log");
             unix-dgram("/var/run/logpriv" perm(0600));
             internal(); file("/dev/klog"); };

Kernel messages from /dev/klog get mapped to "user.notice" syslog, so:
 log { source(src); filter(f_user); filter(f_notice); 
   destination(mailadmin); };

Or the destionation of your choice.


On Thu, 2008-03-27 at 07:44 -0700, Paul Hoffman wrote:
> How can I eliminate the "Limiting icmp unreach response" messages 
> from getting to /var/log/messages or to the console? I have a spate 
> of them that is causing log rollovers. I think I know the source of 
> the problem, but need to get rid of the messages first.
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