tinybsd doesn't have /etc/rc.d/ ?

Ashant Chalasani sys at sellerbay.org
Thu Mar 27 06:01:48 PDT 2008

The whole of /etc/rc.d/ directory is missing on TinyBSD 0.9.  Is this
by design?  I'm hoping someone can throw light on it.

I copied the sshd script manually from my 7.0-REL host onto the flash
image, as also a simple initialization script that I wrote for setting
up the network.  But it looks like lot more startup scripts from
/etc/rc.d/ are required to initialize the system.  I can ping the
device on the network port, which means my network script ran.  But
sshd on port 22 isn't available, so I guess /etc/rc.d/sshd failed.

I prefer to copy only the necessary scripts into my target's
/etc/rc.d/ from the host, and not the whole directory.  There are 143
scripts in rc.d.  Is there a minimal subset of scripts to setup the
system, networking + basic services (dhclient, sshd etc)?



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