mouse movement repaint

Adam Vande More adam at
Wed Mar 26 18:18:01 PDT 2008

I've beening having this problem with applications running under X.  
I'll use konsole as my example.  I fire up konsole and start typing.  
Nothing is echoed on the screen.  I move my mouse in the window that I'm 
typing in and viola the text appears.  This started recently after a 
portupgrade -ar.  I attempted downgrading kde and xorg to install from 
packages and still same behavior.  This occurs intermittently but 
frequently.  For example, I am typing this in thunderbird and for the 
most part it's normal, however I've had to move the mouse several times 
to get the screen to reflect what I'm typing.  I'm using FBSD 7 and 
*now* kde 3.5.8 from packages.  Nvidia driver 169.12.

This issue I think is also related to some other gui/issues that started 
at the same time like clicking and dragging a window causes it to go 
full screen.  I should also mention I'm using twin view.


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