Xorg & ATi/Radeon drivers on 7.0-STABLE?

C Verboom cory.vm at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 02:14:42 PDT 2008

On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 12:43 AM, Paul Schmehl <pauls at utdallas.edu> wrote:

> --On March 25, 2008 7:35:51 PM +0100 C Verboom <cory.vm at gmail.com> wrote:
> > ...
> > For a while I've been running 6.2-STABLE w/ Xorg on a Dell Latitude
> C610.
> > Worked nicely @ 1400x1050, no problems.
> > ...

Mh, I think I should have included here that the video card is an ATi Radeon
Mobility M6, and the native resolution of the panel is 1400x1050 (reported
as Samsung LTN150P1-L02).

> The problem: there's no way that I can get a decent graphics resolution
> > like I was used to. The only one xorg.conf setting that resulted in
> > stable graphics was 'Driver "vga"' and 'Mode "640x480"'.
> Try the new radeonhd driver.
> If that doesn't work, post the relevant portion of your Xorg.log file
> and/or dmesg.

Don't think that'll do, as -from what I've come to understand so far- this
development is geared towards the modern, more hi-end cards. I can see that,
no complaints.
I'll try the vesa driver first before diving into your proposal; thx anyway.

Greetings, biped!

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