pkg_cutleaves - a bit too efficient

Nikolaj Thygesen nikolaj.thygesen at
Tue Mar 25 16:48:22 PDT 2008

Hi list,

   In order to tighten up my fbsd installation I decided to try out 
pkg_cutleaves. I wasn't really too worried, as I figured I could always 
run portupgrade if I removed one package too many - and so I did it 
appears. Portupgrade doesn't bring anything back though. I've tried 
running pkgdb with a number of different parameters including -L and -F, 
but nothing really does me any good. What can I do to make 
ports/packages realize I'm in need of a few more packages??
   The particular symptom isn't too bad though. The background of my 
Gnome desktop doesn't respond to mouse clicks, and my wallpaper is gone, 
but still...

   br - Nikolaj

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