Xorg & ATi/Radeon drivers on 7.0-STABLE?

C Verboom cory.vm at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 12:04:33 PDT 2008

Hi All,

Just new here, so if this has been dealt with before, pls excuse me.
I've seen only a few posts dealing w/ ATi drivers ("ati" and "radeon") on
v7.0-STABLE and Xorg, and together with my own experience I'm inclined to
suspect there's something wrong with this combo. Or "wrong"... it may need
special attention, but I lack the knowledge to prove or find a definitive
answer, and you ppl here might.

For a while I've been running 6.2-STABLE w/ Xorg on a Dell Latitude C610.
Worked nicely @ 1400x1050, no problems.
A few days ago I've performed a fresh install of 7.0-STABLE. The install was
done for User/X-User, nothing (cvs, ports, etc) has been added or modified
apart from network settings to be able to ssh/scp.
The problem: there's no way that I can get a decent graphics resolution like
I was used to. The only one xorg.conf setting that resulted in stable
graphics was 'Driver "vga"' and 'Mode "640x480"'.
For the last 2 days (with the help of numerous Ati and Xorg-related posts on
the net and c/p from my old xorg.conf) I've been trying to apply any
reasonable setting using the "ati" and "radeon" drivers, only to see a
blurred screen: HorizSync and/or VertSync way off, flickering and scrolling
bars. No visible diff in the blurr w/ modified sync numbers, but no hang-ups
as others seem to have stumbled upon: I can always kill the server w/
C-A-BS. Sometimes something seemed to happen (KDE starting? I never waited
long before I killed the server...) as I did see a partial light-colored
change in the blurr.
Comparing the log of my old setup (I've put the image back twice over to
check), there's a few -in my little experience- important differences with
output of drivers and modules, or at least the way things such as capacities
and capabilities are displayed, so under the hood there's so much changes
that I cannot reasonably grasp what exactly is different and in what way...
for which I apologize, but I'm bold enough to suspect..

So: is the problem with me or with the new ... (drivers, modules, ???)

Greetings, biped!

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