What is a good printer/all-in-one?

Isaac Mushinsky itz at mushinsky.net
Tue Mar 25 09:12:59 PDT 2008

My 10-year-old deskjet being out of ink and probably not worth a replacement
cartridge (it works, but makes some mechanical noise lately), I am
considering a reasonable replacement, preferably with scanning/copy

I tried to get Photosmart C4280, but while I was trying a faulty printcap on
it, it lost its mind permanently (says 'incompatible print cartridges', and
does not respond to the button combinations that HP support thinks should
reset it). Besides, you can either attach it as ulpt or uscanner device, or
play with hplip drivers as a generic device, but it seems too
confusing. It was a waste of time and money for me and I am going to return

1. Reasonable physical size (should not be much larger than the old
2. Either network/lpd or USB, scanner should be well supported by sane. If
used via USB, it should be a compound device (i.e. printer, scanner and, if
there, the umass device should appear as separate devices to avoid
kld-loading and unloading modules). I heard Epsons show up as compound
devices? any HP laserjets?
3. Reasonable maintenance cost (maybe a laser printer, I do not care for
color printing that much).

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