Is this safe? Copying a complete install from one HD to another

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Mon Mar 24 19:55:41 PDT 2008

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> I have a 6.2 machine I just upgraded to 7.0. I did a fresh install on
> the second HD. I'm almost to the point where I'm sure the install is
> at least as functional as the previous install (i.e. I didn't break
> anything). The second HD has always seemed a bit chintzy to me (and
> you can hear the drive heads when it is active), so I'd just as soon
> get the 7.0 OS off of there, and onto the main drive. I also prefer to
> use the main HD, because it's partitioned nicer. I heard you can tar
> data from an old drive to a new one, and have it work properly,
> provided the MBR is set up to boot that partition, is this correct?

yup, this has been discussed several times in the list. I've used it countless times to replicate my laptop to a separate disk before a major upgrade.

tar or dump | restore , etc... as long as the different file types (normal, links, sockets,etc) are transferred correctly. the same for user permissions.


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