Fork bomb immune to limits for user.

Michal Garbowski mgarbowski at
Mon Mar 24 11:39:13 PDT 2008

       Did You start start program via screen -m -d -s ~/kaboom ? This is
   important here.
   And I want ask You, how you can stop screen -m -d -s ~/kaboom via
   ctrl+c ? It's impossible with that bomb. (number of PIDs is going to
   infinity, you can't find that one 'root pid', which will kill all
   Bill Moran wrote:

Michal Garbowski [1]<mgarbowski at> wrote:


I've the question, to the bug report:
[2] .

Is there any limit, (which I didn't wrote in PR), which can stop gives
memory for user (not root) in fBSD ?

Can't help you much here because I can't reproduce the problem.  I compiled
your program and ran it and I was still able to use the system just fine
as it was scrolling numbers past.  I was also able to CTRL-C the program
from the terminal and it stopped without any problems.  Nor did I see
any unusual memory usage.

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