Mark Tinguely tinguely at casselton.net
Sun Mar 23 11:58:39 PDT 2008

>  Actualy I'm not getting any error from bus_dmamem_alloc, that's the strange
>  thing.
>  Yet printing the dma_map pointer shows 0 unless I use bus_dmamap_create
>  after bus_dmamem_alloc.
>  bus_mamap_load doesn't fail in both cases.
>  I'm working on an Ethernet driver for FreeBSD, pinging messages larger than
>  MTU crash the kernel at some point, I'm investigating the dma direction at
>  the moment.
>  --Yony

Maybe you could show a sequence of the code (bus_dma_tag_create(),
 bus_dmamem_alloc() etc).

--Mark Tinguely.

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