Subversion and FreeBSD permission problems

Giorgos Keramidas keramida at
Sun Mar 23 10:45:32 PDT 2008

On Sun, 23 Mar 2008 16:01:48 +0000, "Darrell Blake" <darrell.blake at> wrote:
> I'm fairly new to FreeBSD and SVN but myself and a few developer
> friends are undertaking a small project and I've been tasked with
> getting the source control working. I decided to use FreeBSD for the
> server for numerous reasons, stability and security among them. I'm no
> stranger to Unix, however, I've been using Linux for a long time.
> Anyway, my server is up and running and I've install svn via the ports
> system (acquire from portsnap). I have set up a repository in
> /usr/local/svn/repository via "svnadmin create
> /usr/local/svn/repository" and imported a test project into it via
> "svn import TestProject file:///usr/local/svn/repository/TestProject".
> I then fired off the deamon server via "svnserve -d -r
> /usr/local/svn/repository" which all seems to have worked well.
> The thing is, I can't actually perform a checkout of the repository
> via the server.
> If I move into a temp directory and do "svn checkout
> file:///usr/local/svn/repository/TestProject" it works fine but if I
> do "svn svn://" I get an error stating "svn:
> Can't connect to host '': Connection refused".

When you run svnserve without a --listen-port option it listens by
default on port 3690.

Can you check with telnet to see if that port is accessible from remote
hosts?  If it isn't, are you running any firewall?

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