I'd like some help

Tore Lund tl32 at next.online.no
Sat Mar 22 16:12:21 PDT 2008

Matthew Woodson wrote:
> I've been learning about a bunch of the BSD OSes, and i want to try 
> Free BSD, but i can't figure out how to download it and the
> instructions don't make sense. I am running Windows XP OS- can you
> tell me how to download Free BSD with it?

First of all: please break your lines so that they are roughly 72 chars
long.  Thank you.

At what point are you stuck?  A few words about that might help.

I believe most of us install the system straight over the Net - simply
because this is the easiest way.  If you want to try it, you can
download the bootonly.iso quickly, since it is very small:


Burn this to a CD, and boot from it.  Make sure you understand the
implications of giving FreeBSD a partition of its own before you even
start.  Don't hesitate to get back here many times for more questions if
you feel the need.

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