Anyone have Comcast for an ISP?

Allen doomnix at
Fri Mar 21 23:48:55 PDT 2008

Does anyone on here have comcast for an ISP? I use them and today I was
messing around on a machine I use for FTP service over my LAN (Not
accessible from the net so I'm not worried about using it for back ups)
and anyway, I wanted to set up one of my comcast accounts on it so I
could do as I've done for years, and use SSH to log into that machine
and use fetchmail to grab my email off comcast, and then use Mutt to
check it since I really like Mutt.

Well, I got sendmail up ad tested that ti was working and it was working
fine. After that I tried sending a test email with Mutt.

For some reason ti failed even though it was the backed up copy of my
Muttrc that I used to use on EVERY machine I used mutt on. I always
backed it up because I had it looking really nice with colors and also
my email address was in there and I built in a mini addy book for my
friends and mailing lists I'm on so I didn't have to worry about an
address book being deleted by accident.

Well, it failed horribly. I can't send an email because it's blocked,
and also, using fetchmail isn't exactly working either and I can't stand
how getmailrc works....

So does anyone here use Comcast and Mutt for an email client that could
maybe reply and let me know how they do it? Id' like to use Mutt and
also I do like how simple fetchmail is to use, so fi you use these and
have Comcast for internet please reply with how you did it. I'm googling
right now but everything I find isn't exactly helpful, so if anyone here
uses Mutt and has Comcast please let me know how you did it.

Thanks much,


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